Short Breaks That Other People Call Night

23. 9. 2006 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2006

I wrote the previous entry on Wednesday night after which I fell headlong into the Esher/Rubrik cube experience of waiting for the space to be ready and working to get the spaces ready and installing the pieces and finishing the pieces and sorting out problems only to find more problems etc – moving between space 03 in the Kunshaus to the hotel room and back again in increasingly irregular and weirdly timed patterns. Arrive and the Kunsthaus and then return immediately to the hotel to get something that you have left behind, but as you are leaving someone stops you in the caf and you have a long conversation about some other aspect of the project that you are trying to sort out and by the time you get back to hotel someone already went there to collect the thing you went to fetch in the first place so you go back to the Kunsthaus only to find that there is now another thing that you need from the hotel. Go back to fetch it, enter Kunsthaus via the stairs, climb two floors only to find that the door there has now been locked and you cant open it now with out one of those key-cards that you don’t have. Go back down the stairs and ask the security guard to send you up there I the lift (needs a key to operate). In the elevator you get a phone call from someone in the space who asks you to also go to a store and buy scissors or tape etc. Leave Kunsthaus in direction of stores. Etc. And continue in similar mode but many variations (the one where you are ‘looking for Frank..’ or someone else who works in the building… But Frank comes when you are not there and you go to the other place to find him and he’s meanwhile gone to another place.. Etc) (or the one where you are waiting for the ‘wallpaper’ paste to arrive). Four days of this, with short breaks that other people call ‘night’ which for you means four-five hours sleep in a room strewn with clothing, electrical equipment and collage fragments and other stuff connected to the work.