23. 9. 2006 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2006

Here, finally though body still resolutely on the wrong timezone. Underwater most of the day followed by a sudden perk of inexplicable energy around midnight. Its now 2am and it would be very easy to work til 3 or 4. Problem is that I know how the morning will feel.

Today that experience of standing in a space of which, until that point, you have only ever seen plans and a not-so-revealing photo. Sudden impact of 3 dimensions. Spatiality. Being in and moving thru built space. No matter how often you ‘imagine’ places like this (a stage, a gallery, an installation site) before you get there you’re never that able to know it in advance.. There’s always an element of shock. The only solution is to walk the space, to stand in it, to sit on the floor. To go out and come back in, to look at it from afar, to rehearse and re-rehearse the journeys which you think are important.. How does it feel coming in from over there, what’s it like to stand here or there…..

The first feeling, invariably is a kind of negative shock. And then, slowly, if you’re lucky… A sense that you’re getting to understand the space, that you’ve made a few good decisons, alterations.