31. 8. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

So our German summer comes to an end. If you are in Berlin friday 30th August – 19.30 we show our film “Pfade durch Utopia” and do Q & A at Sputnik Kino Berlin Kreuzberg and then Saturday 1st - 18.00 at Lichtblick-Kino Berlin ( where it is on for a weeks run)..

Experiment 16 ended on 24th of august with Act 2 of What is Enough? – Natural Revenge. A performance action that began in the theatre and ended in the city via boats and pheremone trails – see, including a new publication with a preface by David Graeber.( to be posted soon)

Following a two week Performance, Permaculture and Activism course – Act 1. Act 2 begins with a boring book presentation to celebrate the launch of our German book – Pfade durch Utopia.

Then the authors admit they left something out.. The discovery of a secret society WUDWAS, underground since 1812 and emanating from the Luddite movements.

An initiation ceremony begins.

Part of all WUDWAS initiations involve an act of civil disobedience. The act and the bio resistance tools are explained by WUDWAS members.

Lawyers explain the implications of using bioresistance tools such as ants that are attracted to electronics and cause short circuits and mushrooms that break concrete.

The audience are invited onto the stage and a spectrum line takes place, will they come with WUDWAS to act against the cancers of economic growth.

A feast of nettle soup and a boat ride later and the audience find themselves in Hamburg town centre.

The audience find bottles of ant pheremones in a city square, they take samples to spray on 3 targets.

The initiates have large pheremone spraying devices to attract the crazy rasbery ants towards media, banking and fossil fuel targets.

The night is over… the work will begin soon…. The WUDWAS motto has been embodied “ONLY THOSE SERVING AN APPRENTICESHIP TO NATURE SHOULD BE TRUSTED WITH MACHINES”