Alfred, NY. Sheriff McSinister makes the town suffer.

22. 9. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

My Austrian Police theme has grown faint over the past weeks. The explanation for it is, that I have moved a few steps westward to New York State, specifically to the town of Alfred to resume a temporary position among the universities art faculty. Alfred is a small town filled with students. The day starts with a performance by Sheriff McSinister and his rubberized cruiser. As the sun pops its first rays into the valley, at 6:15 sharply, the sheriff makes his entrance. Painted up in black and blue, on a silver saddle,

 accompanied by the gold leafs of the morning the deep throated exhaust pipes announce the arrival. As he reaches the intersection of Saxon Drive and Main, the sheriff makes his vehicle suffer. He suddenly rips the wheel around for a U-turn and performs a rubber wheelie.


 Now, with an imprint of oil and grease, plus the stench of burned rubber hovering over the intersection, the day can begin. The sheriff had his routine, the shop owners may now proceed with their daily business. The term A. C. A. B., I assigned to officer McSinisters Austrian colleagues may also hold true here in Alfred, but the local cops seem to have a sense of humor and a slight twist of insanity to their actions.


metal plate etching, 9.5″x13″, J.S.,2012.Oct.