disarm a hog – rearm them with art

20. 12. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

The Terra Cotta coffee house opens at 7:30 sharp.
The leaves, frost and snow have moved up to the door steps.
The regulars are in their seats by 7:32
and oh so seldom the Sheriff rode in for an extra-large cafe-late to go.


Had to block his path at the counter of condiments
to serve a reprimand to the fellow today.

to serve a reprimand to the fellow today.
“Sir, that 36-shooter side arm of national socialist manufacture,
is hardly suitable for a Sheriff, who conducts his duty on University grounds.
It would be well, to send it back to the little corner of Austria, where it was produced.


Just imagine, the holster around your middle, then vacant, could receive a new host.
One that would ease your burden by providing you and your clients
with an extraordinary tactile and aesthetic sensation.”

The Sheriff while stirring his coffee remarked: “and how do you expect me to do my job?”

“Well Sir, with grandeur, as an enlightened man in the company of art made of wood, held together with rabbit skin glue
and painted in fuchsia and green.


The Sheriff put on a brief smile, replaced the cover to the coffee cup and slid out to his
sliver horse waiting near the parking meter.