fuck culture/become you own artist

6. 10. 2013 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2013

fuck culture/become you own artist“is my populist translation of a thought of Terence McKenna. He considered culture as a conservative phenomena, that forces people to adapt to a common understanding of aesthetics and values. He considered making art as a revolutionary radical and highly personal reshaping of the reality as you have learned to live it by being part of a certain culture.

This art approach asks everyone to become a poet. Or at least to find his or her own sense of beauty in creating his own reality. When i talk about me being an artist – also in this blog – i refer to my desire to get a poetic perspective on the world we live in. When i think of art, i would love that everyone become a home made artist, or homemade shaman.

Yesterday i went to the exhibition of AA Bronson in Rotterdam. I consider him as the greatest example of becoming a home-made shaman, healer, artist and (queer)activist. Several people asked me if i already saw the exhibition, because his work made them think about the things i want to make.

Seeing him, laying naked in an enchanted forest made me very happy. It looked as if i saw my older and wiser brother, in love with the trees. And i discovered that there is still a lot to learn when you consider yourself as a younger brother…