last one

9. 10. 2013 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2013

I just arrived in New York to work in another project, so it is time to finish my reports about the forest project.

what can i say

i feel no regret for diving with the snake in skin-deep water

stones welcomed me as if i was one of them

the waterfall showed me her timeless face

the audience sat in silence,and gratefully i wondered:

“how much time must i spent here on the stone before representation loses its coherent meaning? “

just to be








DSC01925 kopie

i thank all the people, who read the randnotizen of the forestproject. i hoped it worked for them to get a glimpse of the context where it comes from.

while writing,it was a pleasure to think of you, where-ever you were and with how many, that didn’t matter to me. the fact that i could imagine that someone could be there to read this, forced me to be as sincere as possible.

Strange that i still need an audience to be honest.

Talking about honesty and audience, i learned a lot of being an audience of the forest

I wish you and me still a lot of long walks in the forest, robert