Art for the future

2. 10. 2015 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2015

Once ayear the independent theatre groups in Iceland can apply tothe Art Councilfor a grant tofinance their work. This year’s deadline was yesterday.

The Kripleir theatre group hatesmissing deadlines, and after weeks weeks of stressful meetings and strenuous thinking, we have come up with a concept for a new piece. The blueprint is to be seen onthe photographs below.

I won’t explain or translate any of the Icelandic text (the competition is fierce and we don’t want to inviteplagiarism).It is enough for you to understand that as you are looking at the photographs, you might belooking at a future art piece that will be financed by Icelandic taxpayers ― you are potentially looking at something worth millions of Icelandic kronas.