List of things to do.

19. 9. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017

fyra rektanglar

On my list with a mix of things to do I always find: WRITE RAND-NOTIZEN. Oh my God, I forgot to write again! It’s strange to work on a piece about memory, because every time I say: I can’t remember or I think I forgot, it feels like I’m in the piece.


Today I told the others that I was 100 % sure that the Tjernobyl melt down was in the fall 1986. I was sure because I knew I heard about it when I went to filmschool.

– No, it was in April, Pia said, I was in Corinthia then on a football camp. Kenneth googled and she was right. Strange feeling. It was such a vivid memory.

grnt + ros2 still

I have a cold and therefor I’m still pretty calm even though we are approaching opening night. Oh that’s a good movie: “Opening Night” by Cassavetes. Or is it Cassavetes? I think so.