A short farwell to Gunilla

6. 10. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017

I love collaboration. Especially if artists come from different nations and backgrounds. This time it was Theater im Bahnhof working with Gunilla Heilborn. The artists visited each other, worked and lived together. The last phase of preparation before coming to Graz took place in Stockholm. This photo was taken after a wild party in a nice villa next to the rehearsal space. You can tell that they really form a family – excited by their artistic achievment which led to an already legendary performance about memory – “The Wonderful and the Ordinary” by Gunilla Heilborn. From the left to the right: Kristiina Viiala, Lorenz Kabas, Kenneth Bruun Carlson, Pia Hierzegger, Monika Klengel, Mrten Nilsson

Trip to Gothenburg