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Research nr 1. Weather.

23. 5. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017

mlade moln

It is sunny.

Shitty weather in the evening.

It is warm. Thats all.

It is very sunny. Beginning of spring.

It is still springtime.

It is still very sunny and warm.

Weather without changes.

It is still bright weather. No comment.

Sun. Wind

Warm and sunny day.

Winter again. Snowflakes.

It is very windy. Whitecaps on the Danube river.

A thunderstorm

Early summer in Graz,

winter with rain and snowfall in the mountains

rainy and windy april weather in Vienna.

Brilliant weather

heavy wind

Some sun.


Sun was shining

Weather woman retires on TV.

I have a picture of that

15. 5. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017


March 28.

A white dog at the entrance of a shop. I have a picture of that.


photo by Kristiina Viiala