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SFPD on evening Harley hogs

17. 10. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

Came into late night San Francisco via
the Pacific shore line landing strip,
Oakland, Bay bridge, down town,
to settled into a neon sea.
Embarcadero-ferry boats to hog island
The bars scream out music and beer.
Blue and red SFPD on Harley hogs
idle warm
to form the line for the 2am closing call.


Mr. McSinister is in a hurry-so are we.

11. 10. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

Our Sheriff drove up briskly this morning,
had to hasten my steps, as I jotted across Main street.
With the same urgency we have been progressing
on our cruiser-redesign-project.
Chris has developed pastel tones,
reduced them in their contrast and
allowed them to merge with ease.
The suggestion now is, to apply them
in the “two steps forward, one step back”
house paint roller technic.
The benefits are twofold, the new color theme
can be speedily applied and the cruisers tin
gains texture as well.
“Brighter, warmer tones serve to project a sense of peace and compassion from the police,

rather than the harsh, indifferent aura currently supplied. The face of the law should reassure the community and enhance the quality of life, not promote dominance.”

Chris Rezk


New patterns for the Sheriffs shirt.

8. 10. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012


Colleague Harriet has not sat idle.
She has taken her canvas to the Sheriffs shirt,
has printed, sewn and painted and I must admit
it clads the fellow well. Harriet has not only restyled the Sheriff,
but she has also written up a new code of conduct for the officer.

“Police officers should have the ability to ease the tension and anxiety felt in disputed situations. Their uniforms should reflect that they are present in order to maintain peace. They should conduct themselves with courtesy professionalism and respect. This is quoting the police logo from the NYPD. These words should be present on the uniform, in order to remind everyone who sees them of an ideal model of behavior. The uniform should be beautiful, because beauty has the power to bring calm to a violent or negatively destructive situation. They should be brightly colored so that everyone can always know when a police officer is present. The police officers names should be clearly visible on the uniform so that they can be held accountable for their conduct”

Sheriff McSinisters rubber has hardened.

8. 10. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

Autumn, the air is blue in the morning now.
I think I heard the frost last night,
Looks like the margins of the trees are curled.
7:30, the fog is lifting, but the sun is timid.
Sheriff McSinister comes late and seldom now.
The rubber on his police cruiser has hardened
and it seems like he takes great caution as he initiates
the day with his obligatory U-turn wheelie.
During the day he tucks his car away alongside the wall of his castle,
while he takes a swim in his coffee cup.
etching, “the sheriff awaits a new shirt”,
9 1/2″x126/8″, Alfred U., NY.