Mr. McSinister is in a hurry-so are we.

11. 10. 2012 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2012

Our Sheriff drove up briskly this morning,
had to hasten my steps, as I jotted across Main street.
With the same urgency we have been progressing
on our cruiser-redesign-project.
Chris has developed pastel tones,
reduced them in their contrast and
allowed them to merge with ease.
The suggestion now is, to apply them
in the “two steps forward, one step back”
house paint roller technic.
The benefits are twofold, the new color theme
can be speedily applied and the cruisers tin
gains texture as well.
Brighter, warmer tones serve to project a sense of peace and compassion from the police,

rather than the harsh, indifferent aura currently supplied. The face of the law should reassure the community and enhance the quality of life, not promote dominance.

Chris Rezk