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List of things to do.

19. 9. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017

fyra rektanglar

On my list with a mix of things to do I always find: WRITE RAND-NOTIZEN. Oh my God, I forgot to write again! It’s strange to work on a piece about memory, because every time I say: I can’t remember or I think I forgot, it feels like I’m in the piece.


Today I told the others that I was 100 % sure that the Tjernobyl melt down was in the fall 1986. I was sure because I knew I heard about it when I went to filmschool.

– No, it was in April, Pia said, I was in Corinthia then on a football camp. Kenneth googled and she was right. Strange feeling. It was such a vivid memory.

grnt + ros2 still

I have a cold and therefor I’m still pretty calm even though we are approaching opening night. Oh that’s a good movie: “Opening Night” by Cassavetes. Or is it Cassavetes? I think so.

Sweets on the plane.

4. 9. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017

It’s so hard to plan things. Now I’m on the train from Vienna airport going to Graz and I was so looking forward to the beautiful part up in the mountains. But I fell asleep and missed it. I was so tired from the bumpy flight. I told the flight attendants I don’t like flying. When the turbulence started they gave me this:

Fil 2017-09-04 15 49 36

I would rather take the train all the way from Stockholm if the connections were better. Now it takes for ever and in Sweden we can no longer by international train tickets at the ordinary train-ticket-bying-place. If I was not working as a choreographer I would like to fix the train situation in Europe. Next life.

The super recognisers

4. 8. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017

I’m reading about people who’s got an amazing memory for faces. If they have seen a person once, they remember that face forever. The British police are said to ask them for help as they are better than computer programs at spotting someone on a cctv footage. I wonder how much they earn on a job like that?

Skrmavbild 2017-07-30 kl. 11.26.30



5. 7. 2017 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2017

I’m thinking about using a bit of hexameter in the piece.

Like this:

Which were the songs that we heard and which were the tunes we were singing?

How many dogs passed our way and why is it hard to forget them?