Alien Landing

13. 10. 2014 // // Kategorie Randnotizen 2014
aliens 02

Alien friends in the Staadpark.

We are only in Graz one hour more – headed to Frankfurt today, and the time here has passed so quickly. We’ve been here three weeks and yet it feels like only a few days. This morning at breakfast Gabel showed me a photo he took of himself yesterday at theSchloberg, and then showed me the exact same photo he had taken of himself 6 years earlier when we were in Graz to performPoetics: a ballet brut.Time flies. Facial hair comes and goes. Only seven years ago we were here for our first tour in Europe withNo Dice. I still remember everything clearly. Nothing from that time has faded.

aliens 06

Aliens abducting Kristin

I even still have the bottle of kurbis oil which was ourclosingnight gift. Thebottlehad been labeled speciallywith a photo from our No Dicetalk back. We were all sitting on the set for the show — Anne, Zack, Rob, Tom, Peter, Pavol and I. I remember being really impressed by being on the label of this kurbis oil and a kind of pride like “we made it! we’re on the bottle of kurbis oil with the steirischer herbst stamp!” and I have kept this bottle all these years. I even packed and moved it once. The oil has probably since gone bad. I don’t know. I could never bring myself to open it and use it. It was too meaningful a gift tome at the time.

Now we’re here packing up to leave again, and some of these friends from seven years ago are still here with us and some are gone — and we’re all seven years older supposedly, but I don’t feel it. Maybe we’ve all just been time traveling with the aliens. I hear they do these things. Make 7 years pass suddenly in just a second, then fly off in their spaceships to other worlds.

aliens 12

Aliens molesting Gabel

aliens 29

Aliens studying Ilan’s bratwurst